Design and emotion : the experience of everyday things (書籍, 2004) [Beloit College]
Design and emotion : the experience of everyday things

Design and emotion : the experience of everyday things

著者: Deana McDonagh
出版社: London ; New York : Taylor & Francis, 2004.
エディション/フォーマット:   紙書籍 : Conference publication : Englishすべてのエディションとフォーマットを見る
'Design and Emotion' is a collection of papers that were given at the 3rd Design and Emotion Conference 2002. These contributions outline the developments, findings and techniques in industrial applications and in research, bringing the reader up to date with the current thinking in this field.
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ジャンル/形式: Congress
Conference papers and proceedings
Congressen (vorm)
Actes de congrès
資料の種類: Conference publication, インターネット資料
ドキュメントの種類 書籍, インターネット資料
すべての著者/寄与者: Deana McDonagh
ISBN: 041530363X 9780415303637
OCLC No.: 53871605
メモ: "Represents the proceedings from the 3rd international conference held at Loughborough University, U.K."--Page xiii.
物理形態: xvi, 456 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
コンテンツ: The design of emotion / G.C. Cupchik --
From disgust to desire: how products elicit emotions / P.M.A. Desmet --
Design expression and human experience: evolving design practice / J. Fulton Suri --
The comprehension shift, HMI of the future --
designers of the future / M. Robinson --
Slightly pregnant / D. Formosa --
Fit and hit: two experience driven design strategies and their application in real life / M. van Dijk and R. Konings --
Bridging the emotional gap / L. Crossley --
Positive space / R. Givechi and V.L. Velazquez --
Light, emotion and design / P.G. Mead --
Textile fields and workplace emotions / J. Mottram --
From a socially intelligent robot concept to an ad: eliciting audience participation throughout the graphic design process / A. Bennett and S. Restivo --
The branded hotel: an educational experience / E.C.R. Hollis and P.A. Rodgers --
Emotive communication using mobile IC devices / R. Keller --
Generative tools for context mapping: tuning the tools / P.J. Stappers and E.B.-N. Sanders --
Can personality categorisation inform the design of products and interfaces? / M. Goatman --
Gender designs: aspects of gender as found in the design of perfume bottles / K. Wellmann, R. Bruder and K. Oltersdorf --
How to create Linus's blanket / Y. Kaizuka --
Science and design --
two sides of creating a product experience / N. Eikelenberg, S. Kalisvaart, M. van der Zande, F. Lefeber and H. Ehlhardt --
Prospective design oriented towards customer pleasure / A. Cayol and P. Bonhoure --
Communicating product experience / L. Henze and R. Kahmann --
The use of images to elicit user needs for the design of playground equipment / A. Bruseberg, D. McDonagh and P. Wormald --
Researching users' understanding of products: an on-line tool / M. Kalviainen and H. Miller --
Getting what you want, or wanting what you get? Beyond user centred design / W. Olphert and L. Damodaran --
Making sense: using an experimental tool to explore the communication of jewellery / J. Downs and J. Wallace --
Semiotic product analysis / A. Opperud --
Experiential design in a virtual character system for exploring mood dynamics and affective disorders / N. Woolridge, D. Kreindler and C.J. Lumsden --
Emotional factors in design and their influence on purchase decisions / T. Kristensen and G. Gabrielsen --
Using "visual/verbal interplay" to tap into collective memory and shared understanding / S.M. Hagan --
Lyrical visual / F. Holmes --
Dynamic interactive aesthetics: facilitating affective input from the audience in the creative design process / A. Bennett and R. Eglash --
Colour and emotion in design / S. Baker --
Colour, design and emotion / J. Wilson and S. Challis --
Emotional responses to solid shape / J. Willats --
Colour preference and colour emotion / L.-C. Ou and M.R. Luo --
Type, motion and emotion: a visual amplification of meaning / R.B. Stone, D.P. Alenquer and J. Borisch --
Animated emotion: human figure movement and viewer emotion / V. Visch --
Gone to the wild: using virtual reality for sensory stimulation / U. Westergren and K. Jonsson --
The gourmet foodstuff: packaging our impulses / L.C. Throop --
Emotions in action: a case in mobile visual communication / E. Kurvinen --
Shop image and interaction: the use of senses in consumption space / D. Kooijman --
Sensory interaction with materials / H. Zuo, T. Hope, M. Jones and P. Castle --
Dreamy hands: exploring tactile aesthetics in design / M. Sonneveld --
Design of sensorial sporting goods: a user-centred approach / N. Bouche --
Compact disc cover design: transfer of musical style and emotional contents into graphical design / R. van Egmond --
The emotional townscape: designing amiable public places / N. Beucker and R. Bruder --
An accessible framework of emotional experiences for new product conception / C. DiSalvo, B. Hanington and J. Forlizzi --
Mobile phone games: understanding the user experience / H. Dixon, V.A. Mitchell and S.D.P. Harker --
Emotional intelligence in interactive systems / A. De Angeli and G.I. Johnson --
The use of social representations in product design / A.J. Taylor and V.M. Taylor --
On the conceptualisation of emotions and subjective experience / T. van Rompay and P. Hekkert --
Emotionally rich products: the effect of childhood heroes, comics and cartoon characters / O. Demirbilek and B. Sener --
Feeling your way home: the use of haptic interfaces within cars to make safety pleasurable / S.J. Summerskill, J.M. Porter and G.E. Burnett --
Measuring user satisfaction on the web: the stories people tell / C. Dudek and G. Lindgaard --
Towards an understanding of pleasure in product design / S. Porter, S. Chhibber and J.M. Porter --
Does usability = attractiveness? / M. Maguire --
Emotional response to food packaging / A. Woodcock, G. Torrens and D. McDonagh --
A perspective on the person-product relationship: attachment and detachment / O. Savas --
Design's personal effects / F. Candy --
Designing consumer-product attachment / H.N.J. Schifferstein, R. Mugge and P. Hekkert --
More than meets the eye. Exploring opportunities for new products, which may aid us emotionally as well as physically / J. Thompson --
Meaningful product relationships / K. Battarbee and T. Mattelmaki --
Happy, cute and tough: can designers create a product personality that consumers understand? / P. Govers, P. Hekkert and J.P.L. Schoormans --
Brand and product integration for consumer recognition: a review / E.G. Kefallonitis and P.J. Sackett --
Why a Porsche 911 is better than an Audi TT: methods for analysing the character of a product / S. Rutherford --
Branded GENES, designer JEANS, marketing DJINNS: the oxymorons of future shock? / N.V.C. Rao --
Body and soul: the ethics of designing for embodied perception / A. Aldrich --
From Aristotle to Damasio: towards a rhetoric on interaction / J. Branco, N. Dias, M. Ginoulhiac, R.A. Branco and V. Branco --
The total depravity of inanimate objects / G. Reavley --
See, me, feel me, touch me: emotion in radio design / A. Yagou --
Beyond emotions in designing and designs: epistemological and practical issues / T. Love --
Towards a better world / R.R. Gheerawo and C.S. Lebbon --
The "in between" factors needed for tomorrow's product creation / G.J. van der Veen and M.E. Illman --
Questioning the validity of emotion in design: a critical examination of the multi-faceted conditions of its historical emergence / D. Patlar and A. Kurtgozu --
When you feel, the brain blinks: an analysis of brain waves generated by various behaviours and creation/imagination / S.-H. Lee --
Introducing the student designer to the role of emotion in design / H.G. Denton, D. McDonagh, S. Baker and P. Wormald --
The role of emotion in design reflection / D.K. Hammer and I.M.M.J. Reymen --
The development of empirical techniques for the investigation of design perception / S.E.W. Crothers, R.B. Clarke and J.A.I. Montgomery --
Sleeping policemen: a workshop in cathexically affective design / C. de Groot, G. Powell and B. Hughes --
Close encounters of the first kind: meet the material world / M. Sonneveld --
The brand is the product: the product is the brand / M. van Dijk and J. van Erp.
責任者: edited by Deana McDonagh [and others].


Design and Emotion is a collection of papers given at the 3rd Design and Emotion Conference 2002. These contributions outline the latest developments, findings, and techniques in industrial  続きを読む
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