Just Maine folks (書籍, 1924) [Beloit College]
Just Maine folks

Just Maine folks

著者: Percival Proctor Baxter; Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin; Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards; Maine Writers Research Club,; Cairns Collection of American Women Writers.
出版社: [Lewiston, Maine] : [Maine Writers Research Club], Lewiston, Maine : The Journal printshop [1924] ©1924
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ジャンル/形式: Biography
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Maine Writers Research Club.
Just Maine folks.
[Lewiston, Me., Journal printshop, ©1924]
資料の種類: Biography
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Percival Proctor Baxter; Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin; Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards; Maine Writers Research Club,; Cairns Collection of American Women Writers.
OCLC No.: 3600018
メモ: "Copyright, 1924, Maine Writers Research Club"--Title page verso
物理形態: 331 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 20 cm
コンテンツ: James Phinney Baxter / Percival P. Baxter --
James G. Blaine / Harriet Blaine Beale --
Kate Douglas Wiggin / Henrietta Tozier Totman --
My first book / Kate Douglas Wiggin --
Robert Edwin Peary / Orrie Quimby Dearborn --
Dorothea Lynde Dix / Charlotte M.H. Beath --
John D. Long / Maria M. Irish --
Alvin Orlando Lombard / Sam E. Conner --
Charles Eugene Tefft / Nathan A. Tefft --
John A. Peters / Lawrence T. Smyth --
Annie Louise Cary / Theda Cary Dingley --
Commodore Edward Preble / Ella Matthews Bangs --
Abner Coburn --
Clara Newhall Fogg --
Sarah Orne Jewett / Rose D. Nealley --
Hiram Maxim and his gun / Maria M. Irish --
Enoch Lincoln / Lucie G. Carll --
Sophie May / Florence Waugh Danforth --
Nelson Dingley, Jr. / Edward Nelson Dingley --
The story of the Kavanaghs / Maude Clark Gay --
The makers of Aroostook / Stella King White --
Noah and his ark / Louise Wheeler Bartlett --
Early promoters of Maine agriculture / Lucie G. Carll --
The beginnings of Maine / Laura E. Richards --
Senator William P. Frye / Wallace H. White, Jr --
Artemus Ward / Don C. Seitz --
Elijah Parish Lovejoy / Louise H. Coburn --
Eben Dyer Jordan / Charlotte M.H. Beath --
Jacob Abbott / Jennie Lawrence Pratt --
Lillian M.N. Stevens / Alice Frost Lord --
A doctor of the nineteenth century / Louise Wheeler Bartlett --
Fanny Fern / Cora Velle Bickford --
Nat's winged horse / Mabel S. Merrill --
David Barker / Frances Wright Turner --
George Dana Boardman / Louise H. Coburn --
Major-General Henry Clay Merriam / Anna Barnes --
Albert F. Richardson / Mary Dunbar Devereux --
Madame Nordica / Lizzie Norton French --
John Alfred Poor / Clara Newhall Fogg --
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow / Ella Matthews Bangs --
1820-Maine-1920 / Don C. Seitz --
The old-fashioned mothers of Maine / John Clair Minot --
Luther Whiting Mason / Alice Frost Lord --
Elizabeth Oakes Smith / Alice Frost Lord --
The boy with the talisman / Mabel S. Merrill.
責任者: by the Maine Writers Research Club ; with contributions by Governor Percival P. Baxter, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Laura E. Richards, and other Maine writers.
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Just Maine Folks

by wppalmer (投稿: 2012-01-23) 非常に良い パーマリンク

Review of `Just Maine Folks' by the Maine Writers Research Club, self -published in 1924 in Lewiston, Maine.

Reviewer: Dr W. P. Palmer

This book is a strange compilation, which was useful for my research into the life and work of Jacob Abbott, a nineteenth century children's...
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