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Naturally thin : lasting weight loss without dieting

by Jean Antonello

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The Most Important Book on Dieting You Will Ever Read   (2018-03-23)


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by joanholman

This is the by far the best book I have ever read about dieting and the most important book about permanent weight loss that I have ever read. The key word here is "PERMANENT." There are lots of books about dieting, but they focus on short term weight loss, and not permanent weight loss.

I have not found any other book that so thoroughly and logically and scientifically explains why people get fat and stay fat and struggle so much with obesity and why almost no one is ever able to succeed at permanent weight loss. In fact, 95% of dieters gain all the weight they lose within two to five years, and 38% of U.S. adults aged 20 and older are now obese.

AN ACTUAL PROGRAM YOU CAN USE IN YOUR OWN LIFE –In addition to explaining what is really happening with our bodies on the biological level, and why we struggle with weight, the author presents an actual program that she developed and which she presented in her original bestselling book “HOW TO BECOME NATURALLY THIN BY EATING MORE.” That book sold over 250,000 copies and the author received lots of positive feedback from readers who successfully used her “Naturally Thin” approach to weight loss to achieve long-term results.

INCLUDES INFO ON OBESITY RESEARCH & PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF LONG-TERM PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS BY AUTHOR –This latest book by author Jean Antonello presents her original teachings about being “naturally thin” as well as the latest research that supports her approach to weight management. She presents a completely logical and believable approach to weight management based upon the biological principles of adaptation, which is the core of the nursing curriculum at the University of Minnesota, where she received her education. The author has been in the field of obesity and eating disorders for over 30 years. She had struggled with her weight and has now maintained her significant weight loss for over 30 years. She does not diet and eats “naturally” getting cues from her own body as to hunger and fullness and what to eat.

ACTUAL TRUE LIFE RESULTS FROM INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE FOLLOWED THE AUTHOR'S ORIGINAL "NATURALLY THIN" PROGRAM WRITTEN ABOUT IN HER FIRST BOOK 28 YEARS AGO –The book is full of stories of many who have also achieved great long-term results using the author’s approach. Remember, with weight loss, it is the long-term results that tell the true story. She cites research that does not support the idea that overeating is emotionally drive. In fact, she says overeating is more about biology than psychology. Many overweight people try to avoid food, even subconsciously, and she says that research shows that overweight people, on the whole, actually eat less than people of a normal weight.

IT'S NOT YOUR PSYCHOLOGY, IT'S YOUR BIOLOGY. STOP DIETING AND START COOPERATING WITH YOUR BODY'S SURVIVAL NEEDS –This book can help you stop condemning yourself and others for what seems to be crazy food addictions, and out-of-control behavior when it comes to food and eating. It explains why we crave high fat and high sugar foods (i.e., pleasure foods) that cause weight gain. It explains binges. It explains food obsession. And it tells you how to cooperate with your body and pay attention to its signals about what is going on with its survival needs

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