Washington's dark secret : the real truth about terrorism and Islamic extremism (图书, 2018) [Beloit College]
Washington's dark secret : the real truth about terrorism and Islamic extremism

Washington's dark secret : the real truth about terrorism and Islamic extremism

著者: John Maszka
出版商: [Lincoln, Nebraska] : Potomac Books, an imprint of the University of Nebraska Press, [2018]
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"Much of the violence that is touted as terrorism today is not terrorism at all. Maszka delves into the repercussions of a government that capitalizes on an "us vs. them" mentality, rather than focusing on the real reason behind the war on terror--natural resources."--
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类型/形式: Nonfiction
文档类型 图书
所有的著者/提供者: John Maszka
ISBN: 9781640120242 1640120246
OCLC号码: 1031918774
注释: Place of publication from publisher's website.
描述: xvi, 278 pages ; 24 cm
内容: Preface --
Introduction: the notorious D. J. Trump --
Abbreviations --
Who's the enemy? --
The first act of terrorism --
The meaning of jihad --
The crime of the century --
The road to perdition --
The Iraq wars --
From Bin Laden to Baghdadi --
Utter confusion --
Navigating the deluge --
A cultural compass --
The colors of conflict --
The definition of insanity.
责任: John Maszka.


A new look at terrorism and how politics, the media, and the War on Terror play off one another.  再读一些...
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Excerpt from Washington's Dark Secret: ""The international community is terrified. Will Trump enact real change? How could he possibly? The neocolonial corporate powers that run the world would never 再读一些...


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Neoliberalism and the Global War on Terror

评论者是 PurityCalpo (公布的WorldCat用户 2018-11-13) 优秀 Permalink

Maszka offers a complete and focused analysis of the correlation between politics and economics in this fast-paced, thoroughly convincing account of America's failed leadership role in the international political economy of the last 6 decades.

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Madarice as Breeding Grounds for Terror

评论者是 ChloeAudrina (公布的WorldCat用户 2018-11-14) 优秀 Permalink

Madrasa is simply the Arabic word for school, but after 9/11 madarice have designated as breeding centers for Islamic terrorists. Maszka, who was the Director of International Relations at a university in Central Asia, states that for the first few...
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Black Hawk Down

评论者是 BeverlyBejovich (公布的WorldCat用户 2018-11-15) 优秀 Permalink

The author investigates the tragic Black Hawk Down incident and reveals a very different reality than the public at large has been led to believe. Although UNITAF (also called Operation Restore Hope) received a UN mandate to establish a safe zone for humanitarian intervention,...
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Non-State Solution

评论者是 DKSchram (公布的WorldCat用户 2018-10-08) 很好 Permalink

The only criticism I have of this book is that Professor Maszka waited until Chapter 11 to make his most valuable contribution of all: the suggestion that rather than a one-state or two-state solution, the highly contested real estate in Israel/Palestine be made into a preserve. A non-state solution...
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评论者是 JasmineJacobson (公布的WorldCat用户 2018-09-23) 很好 Permalink

This is the most surprising book I've ever read. I was in tears half way through the first chapter, and then giggling all through the second half. Yet, this in no way diminishes the author's scholarly credentials...
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